Business Needs


BT smartnumbers delivers cloud based voice services for large organisations across public and private sector. With a potential saving of 30% on running costs, cloud base voice services deliver against significant strategic objectives.

Delivering cost savings and efficiency gains within public sector

With significant cuts in public spending there is an even greater need to identify areas where efficiency savings can be made. BT smartnumbers has a proven track record of delivering cloud based voice services which help support cost reduction programmes and help improve operational efficiency.

Receive client calls, no matter what happens

The legal sector is going through a period of considerable business change. Making sure that clients’ calls are answered is critical to client care and the firm’s income. BT smartnumbers has a proven track record in protecting critical inbound voice services to make sure that calls are delivered no matter what happens.

Improve agility and customer service levels of UK plc

Now more than ever before UK plc’s have to compete on a global level. They are also faced with the challenge of maintaining a strong local presence in order to respond quickly to local opportunities and competitive threats. BT smartnumbers helps ensure voice services will deliver value to customers and manage and protect relationships no matter what.

Maintaining critical voice services in the Banking and Financial services sector

In an environment of greater transparency and compliance, customer focus involves serving and managing retail and corporate clients to a consistent level across all channels. BT smartnumbers has a proven track record in protecting critical inbound services for many of the UKs leading financial and banking institutions.

Smarter voice services